Ponder the Platypus

I started doing Bikram yoga in October. I’m not going to lie, in addition to the physical benefits, it’s pretty entertaining to watch a bunch of other Type A people sweat their asses off as they desperately try to relax. While many of us fail to reach an enlightened state amidst 104° heat and 40% humidity, the teachers exist on a whole other level. Many of them came to Bikram from martial arts, dance and other types of yoga, and they can slip in and out of meditative states with enviable ease. I’ve been learning a lot about the value of meditation from them and while I still have a loooong way to go, I do think it’s helping ease my stress and improve my mindfulness.

One thing that’s making it easier is the Headspace app. No matter where I am, Andy Puddicombe’s voice can lull me into relaxation. It’s great on the road, in airports, hotels, planes, trains and automobiles. Inner peace may still elude me, but just remembering to take a second to breathe has been huge.

Just keep swimming.

Ok, they’re not platypuses (platypi?? platypa??), but if this doesn’t melt your heart…


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