TED Tuesdays: The Mystery Box

I talked the other day about my growing interest in meditation as a means of relieving stress. I’ve thought a lot about stress and, more specifically, about anxiety over the past couple of years and I realize most of mine is born out of not knowing things. Starting in my mid-twenties or so, uncertainty started to freak me out. Unbound by a strong guiding passion in life, I often find myself paralyzed by choices. I realize this is a very first world problem, but its consequences are still troublesome.

Anyway, as I work at rediscovering spontaneity and (hopefully) discovering a passion along the way, things like this TED talk from super cool guy – Alias? Lost? Star Trek? C’mon. – J.J. Abrams, are helping. And with my grandfather still in the hospital, this one just felt extra special today.


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