Walden Warming

I went to a great lecture at the Harvard Book Store a couple of weeks ago from BU botanist Richard B. Primack. He read from his new book, Walden Warming: Climate Change Comes to Thoreau’s Woods. Like most work on the topic of global climate change, it’s both fascinating and terrifying. Perhaps what’s most interesting, though, is Primack’s approach. Cross-referecing modern observational data with Thoreau’s meticulous notes from the 1850s, Primack chronicles changes in the flora and fauna of the region and makes a compelling argument that many of these shifts are the direct result of climate change.

I’m hopeful that this book and others like it will help members of the community understand that although most of the press on climate change focuses on far-off lands like Greenland and Antarctica, its implications will be felt much closer to home. NIMBY no more.

Green is the new black.

• If somehow you haven’t seen it yet, you really do have to watch Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Even if you’re a climate change denier, which is a whole other conversation for another time, you should still inform yourself about the (completely inarguable!) science of climate change.

• I love this initiative my high school is a part of in the hopes of making students more eco-concious. A great way to show people that they do have the agency to effect change. Signed, proud alum.


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