Nature = nurture

The last few days have been a waiting game, so I decided to take a short road trip to go hiking. I fear that someone important to me is making bad decision, but there’s nothing I can do to stop it and, frankly, my efforts at trying to have likely done more harm than good. Anyway, as I was walking today I thought a lot about something I learned at one of the BPD family workshops I went to this past winter. The topic was mindfulness, which it seems everyone was talking about in January/February, and the psychologist mentioned that being out in nature can be very helpful for those trying to practice mindfulness. What’s more, she said, for people with BPD or related issues, being in nature can help alleviate some of their feelings of toxic shame. The idea that something as simple as being outside can help people heal their feelings of shame, and even guilt, is really encouraging to me. It seems like such a pleasant way to reconnect with oneself, one that I know has worked well for me, and I truly hope it helps those who most need it.


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