Just say no?

Admittedly, I don’t read a ton of sportswriting. That said, I can hold my own in a conversation about most major sports (except basketball, yuck), so I’d like to think I’m not a total moron. And so I say with some confidence that Dan Shaughnessy is an outstanding sportswriter. Want proof? Check out his article in yesterday’s Globe about bringing the Olympics to Boston. It’s a must-read for anyone in the city.

The subheading “Idea is preposterous,” pretty much sums it up perfectly. But, if numbers are more your style, try this one: “Think the Big Dig was bad? This would be the Big Dig times 10.” Or, if music is more your beat, here you go: “Transportation? We can’t get from Dorchester to Nantasket Beach on Friday afternoons in July. Try to imagine Boston in summer with the Olympics in town. Charlie Cards all around. Everyman would ‘ride forever ’neath the streets of Boston’ and be ‘the man who never returned.'”

I love the Olympics, and my eyes have been on Brazil for the World Cup and London for Wimbledon just like the rest of the world’s, but I couldn’t agree more.


M.R.T.M., Vol. II

I’ve been looking everywhere for my M.R.T.M., Vol. I mix. Yes, it’s on my iPhone, but I’m old school and I like listening to CDs in the car. I went to burn a new one last night and decided it was time for a follow-up. As with its predecessor, it’s a pretty random compilation. They’re not sad songs, per se, but I wouldn’t call it a dance mix or anything. Wait for one of those rainy summer afternoons and I promise you’ll thank me. 😉

1) “These Days,” Don Henley w/Blind Pilot

2) “That Wasn’t Me,” Brandi Carlile

3) “Against the Wind,” Bob Seger

4) “Thirteen,” Elliott Smith

5) “32 Flavors,” Ani DiFranco

6) “Lego House,” Ed Sheeran

7) “Imitosis,” Andrew Bird

8) “A Song for You,” Donny Hathaway

9) “Evaporated,” Ben Folds Five

10) “She Knows,” John Fullbright

11) “Romeo and Juliet,” Dire Straits

12) “Supernova,” Ray LaMontagne

13) “Apologies,” Grace Potter

14) “Let’s Be Still,” The Head and the Heart

15) “A Change is Gonna Come,” Sam Cooke